On sunday I will be leaving Äng and come back after one week. I will be on the westcoust. It's a christian camp with a church. So I don't know if I'm going to write any more before I go so I'll but on some pictures ;)
These are all shoted by 'Moi' xP
I'm aware of that the 2 last picture don't have a good quality at al...

Home again

Now we're finally home again after beeing on a birthday party. I don't feel like writing so much right now so I'm just going to post some pictures off somethings xP


This is terrible!! Today there was a bomb that exploded in Oslo, Norway. They don't know how many that died, but many got injured. There also was a gunfire at a youth camp but they don't know for sure either how many died. Look here at the news...


Today dad, mom, and I went shopping a bit on IKEA, we came home with those stuff, everything we bought is not on picture. The first pictures are stuff to my room.
AGNARYD Tavla, rosor Bredd: 39 cm Höjd: 49 cm
TINDRA Doftljus i glas, rosa Höjd: 8 cm Brinntid: 30 tim.
GRAVYR Knopp, förnicklad Djup: 29 mm Diameter: 34 mm Antal i förpackning: 2 styck
Doorknobs for my warbrobes (spelling)
This is NOT for my room
ASPELUND Klädskåp med 3 dörrar, vit Bredd: 130 cm Djup: 54 cm Höjd: 190 cm
POLARVIDE Pläd, röd Längd: 170 cm Bredd: 130 cm
I don't know if this is the one that we bought?                   /  That's supposed to be an arrow
ALVINE RÄFFLA Kuddfodral, röd, blå/naturfärgad Längd: 65 cm Bredd: 65 cm

Almost done!

As you can see, I'm almost done with the design. It's just some adjustments left to do. After the design is done I will right about almost everything. It will be alot of pictures! And alot of stuff from youtube! Most of the pictures will come fromn the website
Here you have some vintagepictures

Blue,Blue sky



Working on it..

I'm going to change the design in just a bit, working on it.
But I'm thinking of what I should have as a background. What colour? Any kind of pattern?
We'll just see =)

In The English

Here's my new blog that is going to be all in english so everyone can read it :) Nice, eh?
Now I'm gonna go and read one of the books I borrowed from the library. Bye!

Välkommen till min nya blogg!

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